Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Commerce

Using e-Commerce has both advantages and disadvantages. A clear advantage would have to be the feasibility of a 24/7 business with an online e-Commerce platform that is otherwise difficult. This also eliminates the necessity of a store physical location that would require employees that a business owner would have to pay. This is also an advantage for the consumer because they too would not have to physically travel to a store in order to shop. E-Commerce makes shopping convenient for both consumer and business owner. A consumer can easily compare prices, browse through hundreds of items in minutes, save time and gas. Consumers can securely provide important information like their credit card information. A business owner can create a blog or comment form and interact more with every customer that may not be realistic at a physical store location. Another major plus is the social networks a business owner can partner with to advertise their products. This is a great advantage even if it may cost a bit.

         On the down side, shipping takes time. If one sells physical goods to someone on the other side of the globe it could take several days, weeks, or more. This in itself caps the ability to sell certain products like fresh food or dairy products. Not only is shipping time consuming but it is also costly. A basic shipping cost rule is the more it weighs the more shipping one will pay. If you sell lets say a bed to someone on the other side of the world the shipping could outweigh the profit and is thus, not worth selling online. Another disadvantage is the lack of trust fused to online shopping. Who hasn’t heard stories of how a friend got scammed over the web? This in itself caps your consumer pool. Lastly, because anyone can create a WordPress e-commerce site competition is another worrisome disadvantage.




Shopp is built to belong in WordPress: seamless administration tools, widgets, shortcodes, custom menus, post types and taxonomy support – take your pick. Shopp is the WordPress e-commerce plugin that sets the bar for a natural WordPress experience.

Shopp is an e-commerce plugin that adds a feature rich online store to your WordPress powered website or blog.
The core plugin includes integration to the most popular processing services in the world including PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, Google Wallet and

Cart66 Ecommerce plugin

WordPress has the ability to do ecommerce and you have the ability to choose the plugin that best suits your business. Cart66 is an ecommerce plugin that can be used on WordPress. This plugin supports 93 payment gateways making your store PCI compliant with secure credit card processing. With this plugin you an sell digital products integrating Amazon S3. You can sell physical products or sell services. You can manage orders and include promotions. Taxes are determined according to state (US and Canada) or zip code. There are multiple shipping options and custom fields for products. IT also provides the option for product variation and price adaptation based on variation selected by consumer. You can sell internationally using this plugin and set the sale in the currency of your choice. This plugin also allows customized email receipting.Image

What is N12 Bikini?

The N12 bikini is fashion, technology, and innovation all in one. The first ready-to-wear bikini made by a 3D printer! Each piece is printed as a single unit no sewing needed! N12 marks the shift into textiles of the future. N12 is named after the material it’s made out of: Nylon 12. This solid nylon is created by the SLS 3D printing process. Shapeways calls this material “white, strong, and flexible”. They claim the Nylons strength comes from its ability to bend without breaking when finely printed. The minimum wall thickness of .7 mm, makes it possible to manufacture working springs and almost thread-like connections by a printer. For a bikini, the nylon is beautifully functional because it is waterproof and remarkably comfortable when wet. You can find this product at where they also offer a selection of sizes.



CONSTRVCT is an innovative fashion label that collaborates with the world at large. The feasibility brought about by technology has enabled CONSTRVT to create an online space where anyone can both create and share their original designs. They site is equipped with a 3D design tool that anyone can use. It is both fun and easy for anyone to create designs no artistic experience or craft needed! 
CONSTRVT calls it, “Fashion for the digital age”. Designing in 3D allows accurate custom sizing. They developed a system that takes original 3D designs and sizes it according to anyone’s body measurements. Finally an online site where you don’t have to worry about generic sizes small, medium and large not fitting properly. Now you can place an order, type in your measurements and have a custom fit. Learn more at https://www.constrvct.comImageImage

What is Fancy ?

FANCY“Fancy is the place to discover, collect and buy from a crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and great stores.”

Fancy is an app that serves as a great instrument for letting your world know about the newest consumer items that you currently ‘fancy’. It has the option of being used alongside Facebook and twitter making it accessible to anyone. Like these other social media networks with fancy one can also invite friends and voyage through the wide array of items together. This website also has a monthly subscription they call “Fancy Box” that is intended to offer an innovative shopping experience as you venture into the marketplace to find the items you love. The items found on ‘fancy’ are unique and trendsetting. Anything on the site can make the perfect gift.Image