Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Commerce

Using e-Commerce has both advantages and disadvantages. A clear advantage would have to be the feasibility of a 24/7 business with an online e-Commerce platform that is otherwise difficult. This also eliminates the necessity of a store physical location that would require employees that a business owner would have to pay. This is also an advantage for the consumer because they too would not have to physically travel to a store in order to shop. E-Commerce makes shopping convenient for both consumer and business owner. A consumer can easily compare prices, browse through hundreds of items in minutes, save time and gas. Consumers can securely provide important information like their credit card information. A business owner can create a blog or comment form and interact more with every customer that may not be realistic at a physical store location. Another major plus is the social networks a business owner can partner with to advertise their products. This is a great advantage even if it may cost a bit.

         On the down side, shipping takes time. If one sells physical goods to someone on the other side of the globe it could take several days, weeks, or more. This in itself caps the ability to sell certain products like fresh food or dairy products. Not only is shipping time consuming but it is also costly. A basic shipping cost rule is the more it weighs the more shipping one will pay. If you sell lets say a bed to someone on the other side of the world the shipping could outweigh the profit and is thus, not worth selling online. Another disadvantage is the lack of trust fused to online shopping. Who hasn’t heard stories of how a friend got scammed over the web? This in itself caps your consumer pool. Lastly, because anyone can create a WordPress e-commerce site competition is another worrisome disadvantage.



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